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After the big run

Well, I managed to complete the Great North Run in about 2 hours 38 minutes. Not a great time but the most important word in the last sentence is ‘finished’ – phew! You’d think that was enough exercise for a while, but we finished the week with a hill-walking break in the Lake District. We had lovely weather and the views were fabulous, once I’d dragged my poor little battered feet to the top. Some lovely Lakeland river and hill walks followed, so here are a few snaps to feast upon.  (Joan)

IMG_1488 IMG_1491 IMG_1510 IMG_1519 IMG_1535

Great north run

The day is quickly approaching when I tackle the Great North run for the ninth time. You would think that I’d have known better by now!  The run takes place on Sunday 13th – it’s a half marathon – and although I’ve been training for a few months, I wouldn’t say that I’ve done enough, so it should be interesting(!) to see how I fare on the day. I was hoping to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer care, but unfortunately I was late setting up my Just Giving page for online donations, so I don’t think that’ll do too well (so far only £5 donated). It’s my fault – I should have been more organised about that much earlier. My son will also be competing in the run, so it’s going to be a family outing. My husband is the logistics manager – he drops us near the start then waits at the end with jumpers and chocolate bars, and drives us home. It’ll be a real family outing because my daughter-in-law and 1-year old grandson will also be there. The run finishes at the seaside, and I’m hoping for a dry but overcast day – dry so that the family can go down to the beach while they wait for me to finish – overcast so it’s not too hot to run. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.  (Joan)

Hello world!

This is the very first post of this new blog, from Margaret Horton and Joan Brailsford. We are two enthusiastic stitchers, who work and exhibit both as individuals and as a duo known as 2inspire. You can find more about us, our background and interests in the “About Us” tab above. We hope to bring you news of our stitching and related efforts, as well as a little about the other things that interest us. We will both be posting on the blog, and we’ll identify which of us is chatting as we go. We hope that you enjoy our adventures.