A new beginning

Well, I’ve finally put pen to paper, well not exactly, but you know what I mean, as I thought it about time to post an update on what’s been happening in my world.

Joan has done a great job of designing this new blogspot for us and she hopes to add different sections to it as and when she finds out just how to do that, so it’s watch this space for a while really, no pressure Joan!!

Late September I was lucky enough to attend one of Laura Kemshall’s workshops which she holds in a refurbished cricket pavillion, sited in her garden no less.  It’s a lovely workroom, with plenty of light, a small kitchen and toilet facilities included. Her mum caters for us throughout the day providing homemade delights at coffee time, lunch time and afternoon tea time. Can’t be bad.

Anyway, at Laura’s workshop we were encouraged to bring together design work, either old or new so that we could move on to quilting later in the course.  I am due at Laura’s again later this month.

I decided to carry on the work I created with Ineke Berlyn, when I did a 12 month online course called ‘Shape to Stitch’ and the shape I chose to use was a small mannequin, which a friend had bought for my birthday some time ago. We were required to produce a small quilt (mine was 11×7″) each month using different techniques.  For some while I have wanted to take this work further and now I had my chance.

Laura was quite excited with my idea, trying to encourage me to work in a full size woman shape, so my quilt may turn out to be the shape of a full sized mannequin.  Oh, and she thought I should do a series!!

Below are a few of the small quilts I did with Ineke so you can see the mannequin shape.

2014-01-12 21.51.11 2014-01-12 21.53.36 2014-01-21 13.43.45 2014-01-21 13.44.17

I will take a few photos of my full size pattern and then you’ll be able to see the increase in size.

So, bye for now.



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  1. Love the small quilts. Anxious to see what you’re doing now at Laura’s.


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