The one that got away …. Dye Recipe

Procian Dyes (in a plastic bag)

I was supposed to post this recipe before showing the dyed fabrics!  I must get some lessons on WordPress from Joan.


At the weekend, Joan wanted to do some dying, but couldn’t find her recipe.  Fortunately, I had been organising my dye stuff and was able to find my recipe straight away.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to put it here on our blog and that way we can always find it.

There are very many dye recipes, but the one below is the one we have used for many years, with good results.

Salt Solution: 250g cooking salt to 1 litre of boiling water, allow to cool.

Soda Solution: 200g household soda to 1 litre of near boiling water, allow to cool.

Dye Solution : 1 teaspoon of dye in 100 mls of warm water

  • Dissolve dye in warm water in a jam jar (avoid inhalation)
  • In a plastic bag put 50mls of salt solution and 50mls of soda solution
  • Add 5 tsp. dye (not more than two colours).
  • Add wet fabric and thread skeins
  • Expel air from bag and fasten with a tie.
  • Agitate bag gently
  • Leave for 1 hour
  • Remove fabrics and threads and rinse in cold water
  • Wash in detergent solution
  • Rinse in cold water and dry.

We usually use 100% cotton, which gives the most vibrant shades, but poly cotton can be used but usually it dyes a little paler.

Always exciting to try anything really, so just give it a try.




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