Monthly Archives: January 2016

First of the year

One of my resolutions for this year was to update this blog a little more often than I did last year. It looks as though I may have fallen at the first hurdle, because we’re almost at the end of January and this is my first report! In my defence, I haven’t been idle, I’ve been busy with what I can only call fiddling. So far I’ve added another ‘birdie’ cushion to the first one, finished a lap quilt I was working on, done some rust dying, and been playing with hexagons with a view to making something wonderful(!).

I’m pleased with the two cushions and lap quilt which are all now brightening my sofa

I attempted a new method of rust dying which involved wrapping the rusty objects in dry fabric, then soaking the whole package in cold tea and leaving the whole lot to dry. Not sure about the results, which are best described as interesting. Marg thinks that the fabric will need some ‘fussy cutting’ to put it to its best use, and I think I agree.  (Watch this space for future developments!). See what you think.

Finally, I now have a growing stack of hexagons made from some packs of Washed and Worn offcuts that were picked up at the last Festival of quilts (or was it the one before?!). I’ve been meaning to do something with them for a while, and found the packs when I was looking for something else (that’s usually the way in this house). I decided to stitch them together in a ‘flower’ pattern with a view to putting the flowers together into a larger whole. The trouble is, I’m not a formal pattern person, so I think I may revert to type, and end up putting them together in a haphazard way and introduce some zingy random patches. That’s the latest idea anyway. For the time being I’ll continue making up the hexagons.

Let’s see how big the pile  is the next time I report!  (Joan)