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More Patchwork

Sorry to have been quiet for a while, I could make umteen excuses for not blogging, but sadly none are interesting enough to write about.

Anyway, I have been doing some plain and simple patchwork, working mainly with Kaffe Fassett fabric, which I love working with, albeit the patterns are a little gaudy for my taste, but I’m needing a change.

The blocks have all been made but not put together yet, here’s a photo of them spread out on the floor – just put your sunglasses on before viewing!


Yes, I did say it was gaudy, but I’ll press on.

It’s not only Joan making hexagons, I have done a little project as well, just not on the scale of Joan’s.  Mine is the centre of a small cushion, but I like the effect.  Hexagons are a great way of using up little pieces of scrap fabric and when put together it is amazing how all sorts of patterns go well together, anyway here is a photo of my finished cushion.

2015-12-30 17.06.05

I hope you can see all the hand stitching on the background, quite subtle I know.

I now have to concentrate on a quilt for the local Uttoxeter Quilt Show, held at the Uttoxeter Race Course in April.  I will let you have dates later.  I have stalled with this quilt for now, as I can’t think the best way to proceed, but I’m hoping my design brain will get into gear sooner rather than later.  I’ll keep you posted.

That’s all for now,



Hexagons galore

My little pile of hexagons has been growing steadily. They’ve been a delight to sew – I always enjoy hand stitching in the winter when you can just relax and not think too much about what you’re doing.  The thinking part may have to change a bit now, because I believe I have enough of a hexagon mountain to get going on construction (or was it just that I was so anxious to start putting things together that I couldn’t wait any longer?!) – so I’ve started doing just that.  I made a pile of  ‘flower’ motifs with light/shirty fabric petals and colourful centres. I also made a pile of spare light/shirty single hexagons, and a couple of piles of bright/snazzy hexagons for contrast. As is my usual way of working there is no set plan/pattern, I’m just going with a general size (ahem!) and I’m putting the shapes together as the colours strike me. I’m finding this kind of playing with colour and contrast is even more enjoyable, as each addition has a surprise outcome.

P1080630  P1080632

I really need to put these aside soon because I have a couple of other projects that I need to complete within the next two months. Perhaps I’ll be able to report on those the next time I have an update.  (Joan)