Lampshades and Trees

This week started with a very exciting lampshade workshop by Jo Hill. It was exciting for me in any case, because I’ve been wanting to learn how to do make a lampshade for ages now. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and Jo took this picture of the set of finished pieces.

lampshade workshop - mar16


This one is mine, and as you can see, it’s already in use. The lamp stand was made by my father who worked in brass, and although it may not be pretty or modern, it is a treasured object! lampshade 3

Since spring seems to have arrived in this neck of the woods (though that may be tempting fate, and we could be plunged back into winter next week), it’s been nice to get out and about on those lovely blue-sky days this week. We haven’t been doing any major hikes as my other half is under the weather, but we’ve seen some wonderful scenery nevertheless, and the bright sunlight has made for lovely pictures – at least I think so. Perhaps some of these will find their way into some future textile pieces, in one format or another.

IMG_2273  IMG_2262  IMG_0390

This weekend Marg and I will be going to the Stitching show at the NEC for some retail therapy! We’ve decided that we suffer from the sickness that means that whenever you see wonderful fabrics, threads and other do-dads, you must have some, even if you already have stacks of ‘stuff’ that you never get round to using. Anyone else have that sickness?? (Joan)


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  1. Sounds so familiar Joan. Beautiful lampshade


  2. Love your lampshape and understand your sickness, I’m trying to ignore that, sometimes i succeed…..


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