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Today we met up with our long time friend Chris, who is very kindly delivering our quilts to the Uttoxeter Quilt Show, which opens Friday, 22 April to Sunday, 24 April.  Chris is entering one of her exquisite embroideries in the show, so if you are in that part of the country next weekend, it is well worth a visit.

Joan has already shown her quilt entry, so I thought I’d show you mine


This work in titled ‘Endeavour’, as in all the work I do I always endeavour to do better


Close up of the top section


Close up of bottom

This ‘quilt’ is mounted onto heavyweight vylene, which is covered on the right side with painted papers.  It took me ages to fathom how to keep the neck section upright, but I think it’ll be OK.

Glad it’s ‘done and dusted’ as now I can get to my next ‘project’.

Joan and I have many and varied conversations about how much ‘stuff’ we have and talk at length about finding ways of reducing it.  Today I made a start and quite a bit was consigned to the bin and a lot more packed in bags ready to take to the charity shop.  Phew, I feel a lot better now.

As artists/makers or whatever we choose to call ourselves, it is amazing and also quite frightening just how much we accumulate and it becomes quite a storage problem. My next course of action will be to sort out some pieces to donate to the charity shop.  Our house just isn’t big enough to accommodate it all.

It’s been a horribly wet afternoon today here in Staffordshire, but luckily I took these photos earlier this morning, so I’ll end with a few shots of some of my favourite garden flowers.  Have a nice weekend.



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