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More from Ruthin Craft Centre

Ruthin Craft Centre
A few more photos, some of Pauline’s large quilts and some lovely ceramic animal ornaments which were in the next gallery. Hope you enjoy the photos.
Ruthin Craft Centre,
Park Road,
LL15 1BB
Open daily 10am – 5pm admission free with ample parking
A large cafe is open daily too.
Have a look at Pauline’s website for many more photos of her beautiful work.


Wonderful Quilts

No, unfortunately they are not mine, but have been designed and made by Pauline Burbidge.

We went to Ruthin Craft Centre in Wales to view this wonderful exhibition.  Pauline was very generous, having created a video of her process and provided files showing samples of the raw materials she uses and processes.  It was well displayed, and the gallery is very large enabling visitors to stand back and admire.

Just a few photos follow:-

I will show a few more in another post.



It’s been a while since my last post, and my excuse this time is that I haven’t really had anything finished since the last time I made an update.   The exception to this is that I have finished another piece for the Fifteen x Fifteen group – this one was on the theme of ‘circles’, and you can see it in my gallery tab (above).

IMG_2585Now I need to confess why nothing else is finished, and this will show you exactly how my ‘butterfly mind’ works! As you know I was working on my hexagons, and I was loving doing these, and now I have the basis of the quilt top, but I need to cut and stitch some more hexies, as a border, then back it and quilt it. I don’t know about you, but making the top is the bit I enjoy most, and the quilting is the less exciting part – so of course, I’m making excuses to myself, that I need to do other things.


Well, happily Margaret suggested that we adopt a theme, and create some pieces based on that. That meant that me attention was of course taken up with the new theme, and the quilt put aside again. We chose “Connected” as our theme, and my starting point was nuts and bolts (which I did have some pictures of), and things which physically connect things together. I studiously started off using a sketchbook to map out some ideas, and of course, in my case, that soon went by the wayside a bit, as I started getting bits of fabric and threads laid out in front of me!

I started with this little piece :

IMG_2587 IMG_2586  – which you may not think has anything to do with nuts and bolts, but it did look like some of my pictures!! I liked this and started laying out more bits of fabric and things that I liked, and these became my next sidetrack –

IMG_2592 IMG_2590 IMG_2593

As you ca see, they involve some needle-felted fabric that I’d done some time ago, cut into the squares that I needed. the only trouble was that one of the squares was the wrong colour, so I decided to work on it a bit, and needle-felted some more bits onto it. This made me remember how much I enjoyed doing this, and when I was fishing about for fibres I found a half-finished piece that I decicded to fiddle with : –

IMG_2582 – not sure that I liked this so much, or what I’m going to do with it, but I do like doing this, so I continued, and found some wonderful wool, that I think will make a good landscape.


So now – I have a selection of unfinished pieces!! So what do you think my next move was ? – I went hiking!! – well you need to make the most of the sunshine, don’t you?!