New Ideas

I love flowers in the house all the year round and ususally buy some when doing the grocery shopping, but this year I decided that from 1 June, I would buy no flowers, but instead only use the flowers grown in our garden.

My husband, who loves to garden, made two cut flower areas for me and between us (mainly him) we planted those plants recommended for being good for cut flowers.

My mum-in-law also likes flowers and when we visit I take a vase for her.  My efforts this week are shown below

FLOWERSPerennial sweet peas, yarrow, echinacea, I’ve forgotten the name of the little white bauble flower, but it doesn’t mind being cut and keeps on flowering.  The red leaf is physocarpus, a new foliage plant this year and the colour seems to go well with any cut flower.  Mum in law was chuffed to bits, saying how much she loved the vase as well, which was a gift from my sister in law.

I enjoy thinking up new ways to display flowers and when I was tidying my shed, which I have to do on too frequent an occasion, I found these little glass jars, which I think I intended to put liquid dyes in, but I have not been able to find the right sized cork, so I thought………..

New idea

I think it looks really good, again I’ve used the perennial sweet peas and in between put rosemary and mint herbs.  As the display is quite narrow, it fits quite nicely on a narrow windowsill.

Moving on from flower arranging, earlier in the year I bought a new blouse for summer.  The first time of wearing it I must have dropped something down the front, hadn’t noticed and so the stain, whatever it was, dried and would not come out once washed.  I was determined not to relegate the blouse to my already huge pile of things I use for messy jobs in the shed, so read on.

One of my favourite stitchers is Janet Bolton and early last month, a friend and I attended one of Janet’s workshops, which I thoroughly enjoyed – more about the workshop in another post.  Janet wore a grey twinset and on the front of the jumper were two small round appliqued patches.  I was intrigued to know why they were there, but was too shy to ask, hoping someone else would, which they did.  Janet told us that someone had made her laugh when she was drinking a glass of red wine and she had spilt two drops on what was her favourite jumper, hence the patches.  So this set me thinking, I hope you like the result of my efforts.

Repaired Blouse

I prefer it now than before, loving the uniqueness of it.  I had to add a few embroidery stitches down the front edge as well just for effect.  I think this will become addictive and am on a quest looking for older blouses which could benefit from a few hexagons.

Hope you are enjoying the summer and I’ll be back soon.





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