Monthly Archives: October 2016

Here comes autumn

I’ve noticed that autumn has started to sneak in ‘under the wire’ just lately. There are a few leaves starting to gain their party colours, but not in any numbers yet, but the countryside is starting to look mellow, and the afternoon light has taken on a golden tinge. The colours always inspire me, and start me thinking about warm fires and hand stitching We have enjoyed a few walks around the Peak District (our local patch), and I’ve tried to take a few picture – see what you think. Perhaps some of these will turn up in new designs (watch this space!)

img_3057 img_3082 img_3217

I would like to tell you that I’ve been really busy with my sewing projects … but I would be lying! My major achievement since I last wrote was to finish my latest Fifteen x Fifteen quilt. It was  on the theme of ‘Botancials’ this time, and I chose to base the deign on the seed heads of Teasel and Sweet Cicely (see below and in the ‘Fifteen’ tab under my Gallery pages).


It’s not what I started out to make, but then my pieces seldom are!

I was at a loose end after this one, and slightly hindered by a back problem so I didn’t want  to start anything big at the moment. I decided I would try and work on one of my (many) unfinished pieces. Whether it was the thought of the moors, or the coming of autumn in my mind, I’m not sure, but I picked up this bit of hand-stitching that I got disillusioned with a few weeks ago. It doesn’t seem so bad now that it’s been hiding in the bottom of the sewing basket for a while, so I’m going give it a second chance (I’ve given it a stern talking to and told it that it needs to behave this time!). Let’s see what happens next.


Once the back is better, I have a couple of big projects that I want to get started on, but those are still in the planning stage, and you know what happens to the plans of mouse and men. However one of them will be a Christmas gift (sorry to be the one to bring up that word), so I can’t get sidetracked too much – hopefully I’ll let you know how that goes.