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In October I went to a patchwork class with the ultimate goal of making a quilt in sections, making a different block design per month and quilt that individual block and eventually be able to join all the different blocks together.

I do make quilts of the patchwork type, but they are not precisely pieced and I wanted to do patchwork ‘properly’.  Not to be….  I realise that I haven’t the patience to get the patches exactly aligned.

If you take a look at the bottom of the vase, you will be able to see part of one of the finished squares, which I have now bound and am using as a type of place mat.


Moving on …………

Joan and I recently attended a dyeing workshop with Jo Hill, who is a textile artist working from home.  Jo is a member of the Gallery 12 at Eccleshall.

There were just four of us and we had a lovely day. It was good to be with like minded people, who all agreed that whatever we are able to sell, it really only ‘feeds our habit’.  We all admitted to having enough fabrics,  dyes, stamps and stencils etc., etc., to sink a ship.

These are a few of the fabrics once washed and ironed


Nothing like my usual palette, so I’ll have to give some thought to how I use them, although Joan has challenged us to create a piece of work, any size, using 2 pieces from those we died and have it finished before Christmas!  We’ll see.

Thanks for reading, be back soon.



Belgium and Holland

Had a lovely break recently in Belgium and Holland, taking in the International Quilt show in Maastricht. We took in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp, before heading to Maastricht for a few days. The weather was kind, which meant that we could do all of the sightseeing and walking that we had planned. We travelled by train, which was an excellent service, our only problem was that we missed one of our connections (our fault) – I would recommend this method of travel to anyone thinking of taking a European tour. The evenings in Ghent and Antwerp were cold, still and beautiful, as you can see below.

img_3386 img_3392 img_3425

Of course the quilt show in Maastricht was also one of the highlights of the trip. It was nice to catch up (if briefly) with some of the other members of the Fifteen group who were also there. As an international group it isn’t often that our members are in the same place at the same time. I’ll show you a small selection of some of my favourite quilts from the show, though of course there isn’t room to show many here.

img_3441 img_3445  img_3459 img_3449

I always come away from quilt shows feeling that I’m raring to go, full of enthusiasm and ideas, and ready to start on a big project. However, once I arrive back home and I’m faced with a blank ‘page’ I always feel daunted. If only that “show” feeling lasted a little longer!! Well, anyway, I’m now plodding along with a couple of small projects, and trying to finish my big hexie-quilt as a Christmas gift, so at least I’m doing something. Perhaps I’ll start a ‘serious’ piece in the New Year. We’ll see!