End of the year

I’ve been busy this last few weeks, but mostly with Xmas gifts that I haven’t been able to share with you, on the off chance that my family and friends (who would receive them) should read this blog! There have been other things too – so quite a lot to catch up on.

saqa-late-autumn-moorsFirstly I decided to enter a small quilt (only 7″ by 10″) into the SAQA Trunk show. SAQA is a quilting group that I joined a few months ago and have been in awe of the quilts produced by its members. SAQA is a quilting group based mainly  in the USA, that I joined a few months ago and have been in awe of the quilts produced by its members. I felt as though I was there somewhat under false pretences, and not up to their standards, but I’ve plucked  up courage to enter my piece and just see what happens next! I know that it’s arrived in the USA, and now I think it joins other touring entries to be exhibited in various venues across the USA. I think that this now gives me the confidence and courage to maybe enter other pieces into future SAQA shows.



golden-age-of-steamThen of course, I needed to keep up with my other on-line group, Fifteen by Fifteen. The quilt was to be finished by the end of November, and the theme this time was ‘Motion’. I’ve included the picture in my 15×15 gallery, and I think it’s probably self-explanatory.


On the home front, I’ve finally finished the hexie-quilt that I’ve been working on for most of the year. This was always going to be a gift for my son, who’d asked for a quilt some time ago. I would like to show you a wonderful picture of the finished piece, but I was working on it almost up until Xmas, and consequently the light was not good enough to take a decent picture (winter can be very dismal and dark in this part of the world). Here are the best pictures I can muster  – my son loves the quilt by the way!

quilt-1 p1080880 p1080884

I was also asked to make some ‘rustic’ Xmas decorations for a friend, and a small picture by a family member, so I’ve also been busy with both of those. The picture shows a selection of the type of felt decorations I made, and they do look effective when hanging on her tree – they’re very cheerful at least. the picture was one of my ‘scrappy’ creations – sourced from my copious bag of off-cuts and other interesting bits, that I love to work with.


trees-3  trees-1

So, as you see I haven’t been idle (just quiet). In the meantime Margaret and I also had a lovely dying day with Jo Hill, and produced a lovely stack of dyed fabrics to tinker with. We’ve challenged each other to produce something with at least two of the fabrics. Our original deadline was to have this ready for Xmas, but needless to say, I missed that – although I believe Margaret has finished hers. I asked for a ‘stay of execution’ until New Year, and I at least now have something underway – to be  revealed at the next blog update!!!







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